It's really quite simple... I am driven by the vision to "heal hearts one photo at a time."

As a child, I often got lost in the clouds where mysterious creatures formed and marveled at the vibrant sherbet hues during sunset. It was then that my appreciation for photography and capturing the beauty of life's precious moments grew. 

My life's journey led me down the path of pursing Design and then finally Public Health. After I lost my grandmother to congestive heart failure and then witnessed both my father and grandfather endure open heart surgery, I knew I had a specific purpose in life... I photograph life as it unfolds before me, capturing and documenting those everyday quiet and often fleeting moments. And through photography, my hope is to promote heart health by donating a portion of all proceeds towards health education and medical research. 

Nothing brings me greater joy than documenting a beautiful story through my lens. I love capturing the moments you cherish... whether it be a wedding celebration, the birth of a new child, or just a casual day with your four-legged companion. 

When I'm not behind a camera, you can find me enjoying the great outdoors or embarking on our next great adventure.

I'd love to hear how I can capture the memories and heart of your incredible story. Please drop me a line and say hi! I'd love to meet over a cup of coffee or tea and see how we can work together!

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